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first post

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first post

stuffed bunny
this is the weight loss journal for nurse_quigg. i'm not going to tell anyone about this journal until the day that comes after i've lost some weight and the first person notices. at that time i'll make it known that this exists. if you've stumbled across this sometime in the time before that...let me know (and don't tell anyone!!)

i named this journal "shrink_2_grow" because that is just what i'm trying to do here...shrink myself, before starting a family!

all entries other than this one will be friends only *death to lurkers!*

ps: i'm setting this journal up like a community to ease in posting without logging in and out back and forth (and because of that ease i'll likely update more often than i did my previous weight-loss-woe journal).  when you do find this journal and want to add it, just join this community and add it to your friends list. i've disabled entry posting by anyone but me, so it'll just show up on your friends page with my entries just as if it were a regular journal on your friends list.

late edit: ok...it's now august 19 and the first person noticed...haven't lost much, but since i saw that person last, probably about 5 pounds. it was our jeweler...and so...now you all know this journal exists!
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